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The Style Council

We’ve always been passionate enthusiasts of boots and ankle boots. For twenty years and more, we’ve been obsessing about the lasts and lines of boots. We thoroughly believe in the elegance of the designs that we have created, and we’re always playing around with blurring the lines between boots and shoes. Consequently, we’re launching the El Paso model for this new season. It is a tribute to the tradition we come from — decidedly western — and it’s entirely designed using the new footwear last. It has a tall shaft, roomy instep, as well as a narrow and elegant toe. The El Paso boot brings us back a step in time while it also bounds forward to an evolved form of the ankle boot. It features a shaft with elastic and this allows us to recommend its use for suits and more formal trousers. We’ve designed it with matte black French calf, brown suede, and exotic leathers in mind. For sure, the toe adds character to this boot and it’s very current in terms of the rediscovery of authentic western style. However, it’s not always appropriate to wear boots such as these, and for this reason, we’re introducing the Liverpool boot in the new collection. They are designed using our PK Perfetta and AT Almond Toe lasts. We believe that the Liverpool boot exemplifies the utmost elegance and we’ve enjoyed creating the grand design of the boot, where a triple sole provides reinforcement.

It’s going to be a beautiful winter and our boots will be playing a starring role.