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Giving thanks has an important meaning for us this year after two years of activity at the new Bestetti.

Thanks, first of all, to Riccardo, whom we will never forget. It was together with Riccardo that over time we created an extraordinary world of lasts. We met up again in these past two years and thanks to that we have created new models that are both exclusive and unique.

Thank you to all our clients, old and new, many of whom I consider personal friends. Thank you for your support, your patience, for the delays that you had to bear last year, for the passion with which you make your requests, for your encouragement that allows me to travel where you are, throughout the world, for the love you have shown for our work and our footwear, and for your patience in the scheduling of trunk shows that sometimes remained unconfirmed. Thank you, you are the soul of our company. You confirm my commitment with your emails and orders that reach me every day. This will never end, nor will my search for the perfection that each shoe holds within itself.

To offer our fullest thanks, our gift to you is a 10% discount on the entire Ready-to-Wear collection through November 30, 2018, and the shipping is free. It is a lot for us who make each and every shoe by hand, without a series of machines, without stock, and not in great numbers. With this, we hope to show you how very grateful we are for your being with us on this long journey, which only now is beginning to feel normal, punctual, precise, and joyous. Take advantage of this before the offer expires and before the prices change, as they always do in the New Year.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!