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Riccardo Freccia Bestetti and the shoes that he designed are nurtured by the many places that he has been, and from his knowledge of how to distill the quintessence of the places that he visited and experienced. Marco is an indefatigable traveler, with his suitcases weighed down by models, he travels around the globe to speak about the fascinating world of Bestetti Shoes, while also listening to tales in the places he visits, where he meets the people who live there, and he gathers up their desires, dreams, passions and viewpoints, which he then translates into sketches, lines, and minute ratios when he returns to Milan. It is a world that is physical and made up of places, as is the world of Bestetti Shoes guided by Marco and his vision.

Milan, above all. Everything starts here, from his having met Riccardo here, in all his maniacal zealotry for shoes, to his having absorbed the culture and the revolutionary spirit of the old and new tendencies in design over the course of the years. Also key is his understanding of the quintessence of the city, a theater for experiments in aesthetics and for actual production. This is thanks to Milanese Rationalism, an unrepeatable moment, but one that endures in time and lives on in the hands and eyes, and in the intense passion of those who work everyday in the shadow of the Duomo.

And then New York and America, the breath of the sky and space which live in the shapes, colors and design of shoes and boots of Bestetti Shoes. Afterwards he went to Asia, to China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Incredible places that have welcomed us passionately and with great curiosity, and which, by now, have become part of the company’s DNA. We will visit others, we will understand their worlds, and we’ll bring these to the core of our collections.

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