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Bestetti’s Partnership
We have been working on this partnership for one year: Denis Frison and Riccardo Freccia Bestetti are now partners and together they will share the same idea of elegance.

There are many ways of being well dressed, but there is only one way for being exceptionally elegant: freedom of combining, accuracy of well designed items, uniqueness of handmade suites and shoes, distinctiveness of being different and personal.

For Marco at Bestetti shoes and for Denis at Denis Frison it is time to share a path that brought them during the last year from Milano to the rest of the world, but first of all to the US. It is time to launch a style, made of few, unique pieces, inspired by American fashion tradition and Italian concreteness of things well done, by hand, by human beings only.
Keep following us. On both US coast, in Milano and somewhere else around Europe. We will bring you our amused, smiling style and ourunique, incredible quality.