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Once upon a time…

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti left us an invaluable treasure: the shoes that he designed and created over a lifetime, with the passion and the gaze of one who forms, and one who understood beauty and art. Alongside Marco, he studied and explored a particular way of making footwear over the years, i.e., the art of American bootmakers, and together they came to understand the many secrets that are involved in making a harmonious, sinuous, and elegant shoe that is specifically geared to following the foot’s anatomy.

Over time, the gleaned secrets were applied to designs and in the search for models that are unique, different, elegant, and self-assured. With an eye towards Milanese design, and another towards the essentiality and the free spirit of American style, a new collection of shoes was developed. This storied collection was full of references to the sober lines of Italian Rationalism, it was happy and free in its combining of different leathers and colors, and at the same time it was strong, decisive, and Italian. Riccardo is no longer with us. Who knows why someone or something took him away from us.

A new beginning

Before leaving, he left Marco with the keys to the enchanted world of lasts, colors, leathers, invention, design, and beauty because he was the only one to know how to open the door and allow those marvelous creatures to live forever. Marco, with all his passion, pragmatism, and strength has been able to detonate this world, he has opened it up and broadened it, making it even more free, limitless, happy, and full of appeal. He immediately began by bringing it around the world, first to America, where for numerous years he has been spending half of his time, and then to Asia, and then once again to Italy and Europe.

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti’s legacy lives on in the shoes that the company produces regularly, with great seriousness, and for the attainment of outstanding quality.Marco’s managerial prowess has transformed the small workshop with its great treasure into a marvelous machine, operated by a group of peerless and unique artisans, one that is capable of challenging the world with its geniality, originality, and a style that is Milanese. Riccardo lives on in Marco’s hands, in his smile, his breath, his strength, and in his incredible joy, and everyday he guides this new business from the paradise of shoemakers. All of us working together for the most beautiful shoes in the world.