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Marco is the soul of the world of Bestetti Shoes. With the greatest dedication, he provides us with a smile every day, giving all his strength and incredible passion to the world of Bestetti Shoes. It’s where he’s giving his all right now. Shoes and boots are in his DNA. In recent years he has worked alongside Riccardo to construct a collection of limitless models and prototypes, he has worked on the lasts, on the sizes and proportions, adding a millimeter to a toe, thereby changing the design and form, maniacally insisting on the proportions in order to achieve the perfect curve between the heel and toe. He designs shoes and boots with a vital and unmatched verve. An entire life, a world of passion comes together in this, at that moment when Marco takes the last in hand, the shoe, or the heel of a boot, which he sees transversally, along the foot section, and he gives them the perfect volume, the panache of a shoe that ‘glides’ to the toe, in a sinuous line that is both sexy and elegant. Life is much more than a passion for Marco. His absolute seriousness, his commitment, courage, and bravura are the things that have characterized his life’s approach to everything that he has worked on.

Forms are his world, as an architect he has designed buildings and open spaces in Italy and in the United States, while with Riccardo he has been constructing an imaginary universe with Bestetti Shoes. He established The Blossom Avenue, a unique brand, an innovative project that has one core objective at the center of every activity: better human living. A beautiful and well-proportioned space that is elegant and harmonious, a uniquely designed and well-proportioned pair of shoes are objects with the same characteristics, but more so because they increase the wellbeing of the person who owns and wears them. He has now placed Bestetti Shoes under the broad umbrella of The Blossom Avenue. He has rethought the company and its productions, opening it up to the world, in order to tell the entire world about what it is that flows in the Italian blood of an unparalleled designer, about his courageous entrepreneurship, about the skillful craftsman and the vital dreamer. He gained experience in this through his creation of Madaboutown for the American market, the first ecommerce site devoted to selling Italian designers and brands that were unknown at the time in America, ones that were best able to speak of Italy to the world. One of these was Freccia Bestetti, and thanks to Marco, the designer received acclaim precisely in America many years ago.

In taking Riccardo Freccia Bestetti’s legacy in hand, Marco has taken the following as a departure point: the passion behind his lively eyes, the smile and the warmth with which he embraced every client, the drawings that rushed from his hands when he was designing shoes and boots, and the frisson that overtook his hands when he picked up one of his shoes.

Marco has a presence that is both strong and exacting. He is the guiding spirit and the body of the company, as well as the voice and the gaze, through which Riccardo Freccia Bestetti continues to speak to us each and every day.

Traveling between Milan, New York, and Asia, it seems as if Marco is present everywhere, every minute. Shoes speak in the world’s languages, but within each there is self-assured but Rationalist Milanese design, and a bit of the breath of the blue skies and the meadows of the West, where everything started so many years ago, together with the esteemed Asian respect for passionately working with commitment.