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Bestetti Magazine
Today marks the start of a new experience for Bestetti, that is, to share the taste, style, and ideas that converge in the design and production of the shoes that we offer to our clients.

Every week, via this newsletter, I will let you know where the shoes will take us, about the people we meet, and how our thoughts on shoemaking are evolving.

Above all, my ambitious aim is that of designing my world together with you, and not just inviting you to share my style. I want to tell you about what I see in the creations that I design, how my thoughts range between shoes and cities, and how there is such humanness and depth involved in the designing and production of lasts. Together, we will set off on an experience that conveys an array of viewpoints and experiences — in a world that is as rich and full as it is every day, I prefer not to narrow down my choices.

We are urban, we channel a world of urban and civic elegance, and the lasts of ours shoes are powered by the inspiration that both yesterday and today springs from the construction of cities, one of the most extraordinary feats that humankind has ever achieved. However, we like freedom, space, broad skies, as well as the sun and heat of a day on which we wear boots in the open air. I will tell you about all of this through my shoes from the sets — my cities and architectural work — so as to give you an in-depth idea of my views on the world’s beauty, that beauty which allows us to live well and be happy, and to do so alongside other people.

Follow me and together we will cultivate our taste and our ideas on beauty
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