We will contact you as soon as possible

Our clients are the soul of our company and of our world. Thanks to past clients, we have found the strength to move forward and renew our company and our collections. Thanks to our present and future clients, we wake up every morning and we begin our work with enthusiasm and with a smile, all of us together.  We offer our clients our utmost attention, and especially:

    • Assistance in the choice and the selection of the order. We will help you with the placement of your order via email. We know there are many possibilities, and that you can’t always arrange to meet and see us, and because of this we’re always there for you, and will always be in contact with you, in terms of your choice of leathers, for the combining of lasts and models, for the creative decisions involving the leather for the toe and the various possible materials for the balance.


    • Style and lifestyle consulting. Our research department will help you in finding the right style and a suitable model, matched to the life and passion you detail for us. Our world is made up of beauty, passion, and materials that are there to be touched and smelled, materials linked to trips and places. We will lend you a hand in living this way, together with us, in the utmost style and with the greatest joys stemming from knowing, learning, and discovering.  All this through our shoes, our boots, and our luggage.


    • Our shoes last for a very long time, they don’t wear out, and they aren’t easily ruined. We know, however, that it’s hard to stop wearing them, and precisely because of this we know that every once in a while they’ll need attention. We offer our resoling service upon request, where we substitute our handmade soles


    • Patina and color. One of the best things in the world is to wear a pair of our shoes that have been freshly polished, with the marvelous patina that only we know how to create, one combining the taste, colors, and freshness of Italian nature. Send your shoes back to the company and we’ll redo them, even better


    • Constant contact via email. We always reply to emails quickly. Write to us with any request or requirement you may have