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Asian trips


Our next trunk show in China has been organized: Bestetti Shoes will be in Beijing at the St. Regis Beijing from Friday, November 16th to Saturday, November 17th, for two full days. All past clients may meet with Marco for a fitting of the shoes that have already been ordered, to see the new collections, and to get an idea of where we are in our pursuit of maximum quality and the finest manufacturing for our shoes. We will be in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Oriental on Monday, November 19, 2018; in Singapore, hosted by Kevin Seah, on November 21, 2018; and lastly, and for our debut in Seoul, hosted by VilladelCorea on November 23 and November 24, 2018. We will furnish you with additional information a bit later. We’re excited to be returning to China, and it will be great to meet our friends, both old and new. Kindly RSVP to at your earliest convenience.




Our shoes age very nicely, but they require — as everything else does — a bit of your care. It’s good to keep the leather soft, and you need not worry if the footwear comes into contact with rain. If they should get wet, dry your shoes away from heat sources, brush them to make sure there is no dust present, and soften the leather by applying a colored cream, and please do not worry about altering the patina color. Kindly remember to also provide this treatment to the soles, as they are also in leather and they, too, need to be treated with cream. At any moment, you may ask us to redo the patina and color, but your attention should be enough, and you will be rewarded by seeing how the shoes age naturally, free of any cracks or splits.