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The Blossom Avenue 4 Freccia SRL
13 Corso Italia 20122 – Milan


Ph +39 02 36520482

New York

30 West 63rd street, suite 31L – 10023
New York (NY)


Ph +1 (646) 559 2364

“We are Italian, but above all Milanese.”

Unique and elegant, simple and alluring: our shoes. Our collections are for men who choose, every day, the Italian quintessential character, optimistic and audacious as Riccardo Freccia Bestetti used to be. Our shoes smile, speak, laugh and express their colourful soul. In our shoes, there is much of the Italian Rationalism teaching, a cultural and representational background we are rooted in. Few lines, an easy composition of the volume, a balance between back and front, lower and upper shoes, all this composes our shoes and they uniquely appear in men’s wardrobe as different and precious. We are Italian, but above all Milanese. Our shoes breath everyday Milan’s energy and creativity and we embody every day the city’s unlimited ability of inventing and designing unique objects. For these reasons, from 1992 our catalogue keep changing, adding new models, reviewing older and reinventing new ones, promoting style freedom in the Italian way, creative and always elegant.

An incredible, close-knit team of workers everyday gives life to Bestetti shoes, honouring Riccardo Freccia Bestetti’s memory and moving forward. Every day the research department, a new big investment for the company, works at the combination of human anatomy and shoes design, to ensure the best quality, a unique design and a perfect fit. Research and innovation are behind our creations: through research we constantly study how our shoes are done and thanks to innovation we create everyday products full of expertise and perfect in serving the use for which they are done. We are proud to say that our skins, the leather we use and the colours we create are simple the best, since we have only one source of inspiration: nature. Italian nature, so full of colours and sun, is our only inspiration and our shoes show the combination of light and shapes we see out of our windows constantly. Beauty fascinates us. We don’t know how to do things differently than that.