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One of the great innovations of Bestetti Shoes is the sector devoted to research. With the renewal of the company, a department has been created for research and design. Shoes stand apart as special objects: even with design innovations and the constant changes made to follow trends and fashions, DNA is a constant in shoes, at least for Bestetti Shoes with their strength coming from a matrix that encapsulates its secrets and that flair that sets our shoes apart from others. The production process employed in making a handmade shoe cannot change, and it involves an immense amount of human labor, and so artisans continue to make them, at least as far as Riccardo Freccia Bestetti Shoes.

In this way, our research and development department constantly works to preserve the DNA of our creations, the secrets on proportions, the sizing, the single parts of the shoe, while also experimenting with new and innovative assembly processes that are still within the tradition. Innovation is understood to be a continuing research process in regard to lasts, combinations, and the selection of ever-improving materials, chosen to best employ the skillful hands of the women and men who work at the company. At the same time, it is an action meant to consolidate what has historically been the identity of the brand. It represents a large investment for the company, undertaken for the sake of renewing the company and its recently changed character.