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New Models

New models are launched every month, and presented at dedicated trunk shows. Every month, honouring the city that hosts the trunk shows, there is a signature new model with the name of the city. Our way to be in touch with all the beautiful places we visit with our trunk shows. New models show our constant evolution, inventing trends and reinterpreting our legacy.
As we do now launching the Freccia a whole cut mocassino, the same Riccardo Freccia Bestetti used to wear at trunk shows. An icon loafer, his own loafers to have him always with us.

Baltimoral Crown – new model Crown Collection 2018
In the making

We do shoes by hand, all shoes.
Many hands have replaced Riccardo Freccia Bestetti’s Artist hands, many hands all together every day, in a strong team, cheerful, motivated, and highly skilled.

Each week’s special edition tells us about the world, via the look and the design of the world of bestetti shoes. We’ll tell you about our latest items, the advances we’ve made, the new models, together with the story of our experiences with you at our trunk shoes and presentations. Follow us: our journal will be our diary and serves to connect us to you through our creations and the construction of our handmade marvels.
Trunk shows
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Marco Facchinetti portrait
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